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DIY Heros & Villains

With this new area of study of mine, many of my fellows (and a tad bit of myself) have to utilize a deep seeded urge that much of society is starting to pick up on. Thanks to channels like TLC, Discover, and even the more mainstream ABC’s of the world, a “Do-It-Yourself” movement has been going more mainstream. Everyone with cable and/or an internet connection is sharing their own tip and tricks to the most absurd of creations. I harken this back to recipe swapping that I would observe my grandmother doing amongst her friends at the monthly Tupperware parties. The recipes have gotten more complicated, and the meetups are no longer over Tupperware, but rather RFIDs, laser beams, and anything else we deem modable. Maybe it’s my exposure to this world that I am starting to make these connections, or maybe it’s the constant observation of my classmates and how they react to problems and discover solutions. Not sure, but I AM sure that throughout film and TV history, there have been some truly inspired DIYers. Geniuses that think on the fly, and don’t wait for technology or others to come up with a solution. Some are quick on their feet; others use their power for evil. All should be admired and the basis of inspiration. So I give you, my list of the Top 10 Fictional Makers: Continue reading