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With this new area of study of mine, many of my fellows (and a tad bit of myself) have to utilize a deep seeded urge that much of society is starting to pick up on. Thanks to channels like TLC, Discover, and even the more mainstream ABC’s of the world, a “Do-It-Yourself” movement has been going more mainstream. Everyone with cable and/or an internet connection is sharing their own tip and tricks to the most absurd of creations. I harken this back to recipe swapping that I would observe my grandmother doing amongst her friends at the monthly Tupperware parties. The recipes have gotten more complicated, and the meetups are no longer over Tupperware, but rather RFIDs, laser beams, and anything else we deem modable. Maybe it’s my exposure to this world that I am starting to make these connections, or maybe it’s the constant observation of my classmates and how they react to problems and discover solutions. Not sure, but I AM sure that throughout film and TV history, there have been some truly inspired DIYers. Geniuses that think on the fly, and don’t wait for technology or others to come up with a solution. Some are quick on their feet; others use their power for evil. All should be admired and the basis of inspiration. So I give you, my list of the Top 10 Fictional Makers:

10. Jigsaw
While his methods are twisted, literally, he is simply testing the limits of the human mind and our willingness to do better. Sort of a DIY creedo if you ask me. Lets face it, not only can this guy(s) engineer one hell of a deathtrap with nothing more than some plexi and a beartrap, but it goes without saying he is the only one in the top ten that can mod the human condition.

9. Ben, Wolfgang & Steve
Everyone probably looked at this and went “huh?” If you are one of the few that know these names, then hello fellow 33 year-old dreamer. The Explorers shared a dream. Literally. So to figure out WTF was up with their prepubecent experiences they built a rocket ship, and blasted into outer space, thus giving 8 yo boys such as myself hope that if we think it, we can do anything. Seems logical to me.

8. The A-Team
Does this even need explanation? Give them a blow torch, some scrap metal and a sweet 5-minute montage, and they will be saving kidnapped fathers for cute little farm girls in no time. And they won’t even shed any blood doing it.

7. Kevin McAllister
Hey, if you are going to be left home alone, then nothing beats a child’s imagination when it comes to “string” theory and paint buckets. Not only is he a master house alarm system, but he also manages to make a bobsled run sans snow.

6. Gary & Wyatt
Ok, they made a woman. A hot one. ‘Nuff said.

5. Gadget
She can work wonders with a skateboard and a hairdryer, not to mention anything else she can get her little mousy hands on. I’m still trying to figure out where she found a plunger the size of a pencil, but some cartoon plot holes we have to let go unchallenged. Chip, you better jump on that before Dale does.

4. Data
No Goonie survives 5 seconds without Data. Let’s face it, Chester Copperpot wishes he had a Data, then maybe a bunch of 12 year olds wouldn’t have been grave robbing his ass 30 years later.

3. Anakin Skywalker
The little snot built C-3PO, by using parts from what I guess we can only define as an intergalactic Tatoonie Radio Shack, run by a slave trader. And if one of you little nerds think you can pit your home-made lightsaber against his, that would probably be the last thought you ever had. So go buy yourself a little R2 Droid phone and claim you built it yourself. Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone.

2. MacGuyver
What this guy does with a potato and bubblegum, still blows my mind, as well as any 12″ thick concrete door he comes across.

1. Doc Brown
It’s not often we follow our own inspirations from bumps on the head of our porcelain comrades (which thanks to Jose Cuervo and friends happens more often than not). So the fact that Doc manages to prove Einstein’s Bridge using LEDs and some freon tubing duck taped to a Delorian sort of puts him at the top of the list. Any arguments to this matter, please feel free to make your own time machine, and knock on my door and plead your case before I hit “publish.” No? Didn’t think so.

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