4 comments on “A Brief Pause for this Public Service Announcement”

  1. Oh, I love this! I was quite surprised (and sort of not surprised) that Rusty Choads decided to pick on this. If someone says streetcar, he’s got to bite, I guess. And I’m not pushing for a “bean”. What I want, I think, is for people to be brave enough to imagine something beautiful.

  2. That’s going to be hard for a city that can’t even imagine itself as a city. Let alone a beautiful one.

    I have to admit that the “Cincinnati. It’s Ok.” bumper sticker I saw on my first day here has pretty much set the tone for how people here think.

  3. I think you’re right. Especially about the marketing. Frankly I think this city loves art and is swimming in it. Aside from the murals and hidden paintings, the art museum, which is nothing to bawk at, is free. We have international friendship park, findlay market, music hall, memorial hall, union terminal, washington park, freedom center, eden park, krohn conservatory, smale- which will soon be complete with a carousel, bridges that are grwat to walk across, the cincinnati room, spring grove cemetery, arnolds, shake it records… when somebody from out of town asks me what to do, I ask them what they’re in the mood for. Part of the problem with cincinnati is that we (almost) all grew up here and fail to get excited about our own treasures. And if we don’t get excited about them, how can we expect anybody else to?

  4. Cincinnati isn’t a tourism powerhouse but its still interesting to note that tourism accounts for one in 10 jobs across Greater Cincinnati and visitors spent $4.1 billion.

    I wonder how much higher that could be if politicians worked for the city instead of against it?

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