Thesis Pieces

I seriously feel like that snowball running down hill at terminal velocity. I might have maxed out on speed, but I still keep packing on the snow. I feel like I’ll be able to stop and breathe at some point, but only after I smack into a tree and disintegrate. If you are reading this then you really just wanna know what my thesis is eh? Well, I actually changed it about 3-4 times. It went from a bike tracking system, to a smart store, to the holodeck (yes, as in Star Trek), to my final resting place. Which, if it gets approved to move forward could actually BE my final resting place. I chose familiar territory. Not sure why it just felt right. I have issues with this concept that I’ve always wanted to work out. It’s something I’m vaguely passionate about too. It’s weird, besides football and BBC tv shows I could seriously carry on for hours about it. Well, ok I could also go on about The Flash, Team Fortress, Subaru’s, bowling, and well come to think of it, anything else really. Hell this whole site is dedicated to crap I could go on and on about. No, you want to know my thesis, or at least the current amalgamation of it. Fine. It’s working title is Advertising Ethics for the Conscious Capitalist or more appropriately, How I Learned To Stop Hating and Love the Bomb. If it gets picked I’ll drop my hypothesis on y’all. L@tes me fellow Millenials.

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