Locked & Loaded, My Brain Wishes

It’s funny what can step in and fubar the works. You can be trudging along, minding your own business, then one little thing kinks the rails. You’ll find it’s hard to read all your research when that happens. Because of the density of the text sometimes you find yourself stuck in your own thoughts. Listening to your own voice talk back to you at first, then going off on some diatribe about who this and who that. So pointless. I wonder sometimes if I had a sibling growing up if this inner dialog wouldn’t be so damn loud. That maye just maybe, I would have had an actual dialog instead. It’s something that need to be worked on for sure. This bloggy blog sort of helps. Sorta. It doesn’t help that damn much when the lights are out and you just want to go to sleep but you are so wound up thinking about stupid, and I do mean…stupid things like well, just stupidity. I should be thinking about myself and my life right now. Me. What’s healthy for me, and what I plan on working on for the rest of my living days. It’s hard. It’s draining. Honest to God I wish I could block out everyone. Ok not true. Just some people. Anyways, back to reading. Later interwebs, portfolio is shaping up nicely by the by. New camera here any day now?

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