The end of the middle

I finally had a mini emotional breakdown. I’m a man. I’ll admit it. It was actually quite soothing. You just feel every pain dump out of you uncontrollably. It takes the form of snot, tears, sweat, sound. For the geeks out there I liken this to a Vulcan 7-year purge, for the ladies..I think it’s just normal. To anyone else viewing this it probably looks disturbing. But sometimes you have to listen to your body, and tell your mind to shut the fuck up. Your body needs to purge. The sensation when its all out is more than worth it. It’s pure joy. My thesis is in search for this moment. Certainly is an odd way to find it….I need to be mentally, physically, financially and romantically broke. I wouldn’t recommend this treatment to anyone. You have to have a strong will, and a sense of drive. Even if that drive has been in neutral (or even park) for a while. It needs to be there. That’s the key. The joy, or feeling of joy, comes knowing that we are about to throw this bitch into gear and pound on the gas. That we just pitched a lot of dead weight, cleared the schedule, and just passed a sign on the highway that said “Future 138 more miles…atta way.” So for those of you that were worried about me, and justifiably had a right to be, take note. I’m coming for you UArts, I’m grabbing that Masters in May, and I’m going to blow shit out of the water. Count on it. No more games. No more trials. I’ve beaten your tests. You can’t stop me. I’m already four on the floor, and I had the brakes removed. Seabass….I am going to kick your ass. </inspirational rant>

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