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So I found a list of 10 goals I had apparently written to myself during a moment of self reflection many, many years ago. It’s an interesting read. It had come during a time when I was struggling with things way more than I am now. Someone told me to make a list of goals. THey can be simple, they can be complex. THese goals you should take in phases, give them deadlines, but always work towards them. So now I look at myself 3 years later and see how its going. Not too bad. It is the kind of reading material that inspires me. I was actually hopeful, and whether or not I was being true to myself when I wrote this, doesn’t matter. As it turns out, I have been accomplishing said goals. THat’s kind of something considering I have a knack for not completing personal projects..take this site for instance. So let’s see where we stand.

1. Get back to fighting shape of 175lbs. Well, I am close. Lost close to 15, and am hovering around 190. Almost swimsuit attire again, look out.

2. Run a marathon. I’m starting to thing these first two were tied together. Can’t recall. I would have this year past month had my thesis defense been completed in time, but I had to work up to the wire on that one. But, I am running further than I have in my entire life..i.e more than a mile. consistently, so that’s something

3. Get you bowling average over 187. See now this one sounds silly, and it is actually. But it’s quite the interesting challenge. See I’ve had the exact same average in multiple lanes with multiple types of balls since high school. It rarely flutters form season to season even though I know and can coach errors in anyone else. It’s more of an annoying little victory is I can pull it off. Alas this one might take me a bit more focus, while I was on pace in the beginning of this year with a 211, thesis knocked me back down…to a 187. Friggin kidding me.

4. Get a masters. See now, we were supposed to put time constraints on these goals to be within a year. Now I was optimistically realistic and set this one at 12 months. Granted this was a list created 4 years ago, but eh, hey I did it. Hell I never saw myself as hitting up school again and here I go, G to the C Master of M.i.D.

5. Travel back round the world. Not sure financially how I was supposed to pull this one off? I guess my logic was to get a job that did all this for me, perhaps? I’ve only gone so far as the Jersey Shore really, but it’s the latest one on my plate. How’s it go? “We gotta get outta this place. If it’s the last thing we ever dooooo. Girl there’s a better life, for me and you.” Which brings me to…

6. Get the girl. Close on this one. I was. Twice. I broke one and the other broke me. There’s a feeling of permanence to it, like it’s just not for me, right now I guess. Kinda feels like ever, but to keep myself going I just say “right now.” Man, how depressing would it be if I never did….

7. Auto pay everything with no worries. See I love this one. It’s quite complex. One would think its ust the standard bilss. In this age of online this that and the other we actually forget how many things we are autopaying for, which is why I love the recent discovery of “changing bank cards.” Yes. THanks to this little trick that I’ve been holding off on for 5 years now (bye bye Commerce) I have actually discovered exactly how many forgotten online autopays I have going, and swear to better manage these things. (Screw you iContact for raping me on an account I had thought closed for 2 years)

8. Back to baseball. Some of my best memories as a kid where when I was in the backyard hacking away at a ballgame with my uncle and cousins. While I never played on an organized team, my uncle joe kept in pretty good form. I hit around a .400, and was a surprisingly durable catcher. Everyone tried plowing into me because of how small I was, but I never dropped a ball. Either way, I’ve found a fun little softball nitche going on and quite frankly, that’s ¬†good first step. Cleating back up and all. Feels good. Added bonus: during and after games requires drinking beer. Digging it.

9. Make stuff that sells. Ok, ok, I am probably no closer to this goal than I was 3 years ago, BUT I can say with my added edjamkayshun, that my ideas are much loftier and would sell at a higher price point. So…that’s cool.

10. Complete all these goals. That must have been the pesimistic ass inside me poking fun at myself. Screw you self, I’m doing this.

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