What’s the Big To-Do?!

A month at the beach can give one a lot of clarity. Is it the white noise of the ocean waves? The salt air in the lungs cleansing all the internal filters? Or, just the fact that once you get over the mini golf and bar scene, there isn’t much to do besides think. It’s a calculated risk. I heard there were more suicides in shore towns than anywhere else, the mind is a powerful thing. But as I sit here with umpteen minutes to occupy my day, I fill it with just as many projects. So much so that I’ll be damned if they aren’t awesome, but lack that whole, “how the hell to I pay my rent with it?” thing. Thankfully, I don’t overly care about that just yet. I am a firm believer of good things come to those..yada yada. So I have decreed a new…declaration. A complete life switch. Ready? Ready.

1. Do unto others. I used to be quite pleasant. Some would say happy, generous, and joyful spirit. I’ve tried mind-mapping to the point of flux and came to one conclusion, I turned 21. So as an experiment, I am putting a cease and decist on drinking. I want to be a fun, happy person to be around, that speaks eloquently, academically, and an overall nice guy. I might finish last, but maybe ‘ll be able to sleep again.

2. Get organized. I know a lot of brilliant people. Many of which have brilliant ideas they are looking to curate, create, construct. I want to help them. But there are so many ideas that I float between them and it seems like they never get done. Well, no more. I have a list. It’s analog. It requires writing, namely a pencil, and a journal.

3. Plan to not plan. I am kind of good with this already. I don’t have a plan of action for dinner let alone the next day. What I have, for some reason, is faith. Faith in myself, faith in the universe, and some delusional…thing inside me that keeps saying “it will be fine.” Should I listen? Yes. Cause I’m confident enough that as long as I complete both 1 and 2, 3 should work out nicely.

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  1. i like your thoughts, it is good to have faith, and everything will be fine

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