It’s the Little Things, Reiterated

So, there’s been a lot to say lately about the thriving metropolis that is this Cincinnati. Personally, I was hoping to do a riveting piece about remote controls and it’s history of human interaction with machine before even touching the subject of Cincy again. But, it seems everyone wants to know what I think of this villa. Still. So I might as well have at it, shall we?

*The opinions expressed in this blog post in no way reflect the opinions of the productions company of said blog. So hold the rotten vegetables, and keep the tarring for the winter months.

So this article from has been all a flutter this weekend boasting that Cincinnati is the hip and trendy spot of Ohio. Understandable. I can’t argue this. Please people, keep in mind the baseline here is Cleveland. Now I don’t have any issues with the article itself, or the sense of pride it should give the residents. Actually, for the first time in a while, I am proud of y’all. This little moment of braggard-ness looks good on you. Flaunt it. But don’t get comfy.

Yes. You have all made leaps and bounds over the past decade, as I am constantly reminded. Your waterfront is actually quite beautiful, and can only get better. I have actually never seen such bustle and activity. It’s a different activity than that of NY’s seaports, and Philly can only dream of attaining a fraction of what you have accomplished here. All I am going to say, respectfully, is don’t settle.

Politics here are a bear. More so than any I’ve ever seen or experienced. I’ve heard many a fabulous idea get smothered, or cast aside with nothing more than a learning glare. But don’t settle. You are all fighting, that is what makes you great, not the new fancy bars or the new shiny object. Just do not settle. There’s more to be done. Being called “the best in Ohio” is a start. Don’t settle. There’s more to be done. So long as there are plywooded blocks and abandoned neighborhoods. There is work to be done. So long as there is no walkable food source. There is work to be done. So long as non-Ohioans, cringe when the word “Cincinnati” comes out of people’s mouth. There is work to be done. When someone can’t walk out of their house, at say, 10pm so grab an honest slice of pizza. There is work to be done. On the day that you can walk into a decent coffee house, that isn’t Starbucks, open your laptop and enjoy some artisan biscotti on a Saturday afternoon, not just in Northside…there is work to be done.

Now, I graciously admit that those simply add to the “trendiness” and there are larger problems at hand, but really, it’s the little things. It’s the little things that inspire greater things. You don’t need grand gestures. You don’t need massive redevelopment plans. Hell, you don’t need to even agree. But you do need, small, simple, little, things. Things like a cup of coffee, or a slice of pizza, or a smoothie, or a deli, or the drummer guy on the corner. Little things, begat bigger things. It’s the little things that give neighborhoods a “tone” or “personality.” That personally that resonates with us growing up as children, into the adults that we become. I am proud for you Cincy, and I too want to help. It’s downright inspiring. Now…how the hell does one get their hands on all this abandoned land?!?

Ok, as you were.

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