Wharton Undergrad

The Woawiginal Wharton Webpresence

I recall, shortly after my tenure at lucidCirucs back in 2002, I was asked to head up the creation of Temple’s web site development. Being young and utterly paranoid, I turned that down, thinking, “that’s just too damn big,” and “with what resources,” not to mention a slew of other things. I was just burned by all the dot-com crap, why on earth would I want to jump back into it? Not to mention pigeon hole myself for the next few years with just one client. So, I made the decision to work at 160over90, who handed me one of my first clients. To redesign the Wharton web site. #faceplant. Irregardless, working within a developed interaction team made it fairless painless. I had a developer to my left, and talented directors and designers all around that had about as much if not less experience in the web world as myself. In a short amount of time, well before CSS and PHP took over the Interwebs, Wharton got a facelift. The entire experience taught me, very quickly I might add, how to organize a crap ton of information. The sitemap and wireframes were hefty. The design was simple and classic. Even todays design doesn’t drift very far from the original. It evokes many characteristics of the school itself. Present the information clearly, show strength and confidence without taking much risk. In the end it’s Wharton, what are your other options, Harvard? Pssh. Let’s see an entrepreneurial web presence come out of THAT school. Oh, wait.. #secondfaceplant


  • Client : Wharton
  • Date : 01/31/2003
  • Agency : 160over90
  • Creative Director : Darryl Cilli
  • Associate CD : Martin Duffy
  • Designer : Giacomo Ciminello