Water Bake Sale

We take water for granted. Americans need to wake up a little.

During a charrette with ID undergrads at UArts, an idea was born. I know, it happens. The idea’s concept was simple, combine an element with a virtue. After some round about brainstorming we ended on Water and hope. After our little group took a timeout to watch Blue Gold we were fairly astonished at the fresh water crisis, and thought well, hell if it only takes $10 to get fresh water to someone, surely we could raise enough to build a well. So, why not a bake sale? But not just any bake sale, no, no we didn’t want to spend money to make money. So the idea was to sell off what we clearly have to give. Water. Water Hot Dogs. Water Cup Cakes. Water Meatballs. Water Pound Cakes. Water Chocolates. Water Bottles. After 2 hours of catching the morning traffic in downtown Center City, we raised $500 and have a plan to package a downloadable how-to for setting up your own Water Bake Sale. Slightly more info can be found at waterbakesale.org



  • URL : http://waterbakesale.org/
  • Date : 01/24/2011
  • Designers : Giacomo Ciminello, Kristin Freese, Kaitlyn DeBiasse, Ngan-Ha Do, Erik Squillante, Joon Shin and Ryan

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