St. Joe’s Graduate Program

Ugh, grad students. Always needing that little push.

The SJU graduate web site was sort of a happy accident. Both schools approached us at the same time, well, first the business and then liberal arts school. It was noted that the buildings on campus very much reflected the different programs personalities (modern versus traditional gothic), and that they were modeled after each other. Architectural twins, born 100 years apart. This served as the basis for the “left-brained, right-brained” concept where the User could “choose their own adventure” of sorts. This worked itself out in not only a web site, but a super trendy mini CD-ROM, sure to get stuck in your fancy, modern, trayless laptops.


  • URL :
  • Client : St. Joseph's University
  • Date : 07/29/2003
  • Agency : 160over90
  • Creative Director : Darry Cilli
  • Associate CD : Martin Duffy
  • Designer : Giacomo Ciminello
  • Developer : John Romanski

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