North Bowl Lounge & Lanes

Doing what you love for something you love. Simple Goals.

North Bowl had the extreme pleasure of being the first in an interesting experiment in client relations. Clients, have good ideas. Correction, they have ideas. Usually when they reach out to someone they are looking for someone to acknowledge these ideas, and even give them a whirl. If you have respect for the client, you respect their idea, humor it, and if you can, take their ideas and produce them beyond what they were expecting. In this case, the client asked for a simple ad of a bowling ball in outer space, what came next and still continues today is a collaboration in storytelling.



  • Client : Spare Time, LLC
  • Date : 05/05/2008
  • Agency : A Basic Studio
  • Photographer : Clint Blowers
  • Art Director : Giacomo Ciminello