lucidReel 2001

Some of us went on to run Wolf Ollins. Some of us moved to Ohio.

LucidCircus was on the verge of greatness. We had absolutely no idea what the hell we were doing, and had a crap ton of fun doing it. THe work was revolutionary, weird, unique, ground breaking and a bunch of other stereotypical words I could use. The team of talented designers and animators worked tirelessly on both their Unreal tournament skills, and off brand humor. Here, is the summation of 2001 at the height of our fame.


  • Client : 160over90
  • Date : 07/25/2001
  • Creative Director : Jon Butko
  • Designers : Sean Jordan, Paul Thiel, Jordan Crane, Dave Holhman, Giacomo Ciminello
  • Editor : James Wilson