lucidCircus 2.0

I fully accept my responsibility in causing the Internet bubble.

But damn it was fun. Back in undergrad I learned a fun little program called flash. This little side hobby led to a fascinating position at a new startup called lucidCircus. LC focused on the new fangled “Internet,” namely those clients needing a bit of flair. In a short amount of time, a 4 person shop in a closet space along Walnut Street, was sitting pretty on the penthouse floor of a building on Chestnut, playing whiffleball in their new 9,000 sq. ft, throwing parties and playing video games. Every once in a while we made a pretty baller little interactive piece. You know, in between Quake3Arena battles and Paul van Dyke Twilo sets.


  • URL :
  • Client : lucidCircus
  • Date : 09/01/1999
  • Agency : lucidCircus
  • Creative Director : Jon Butko
  • Developer : Giacomo Ciminello

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