My Italian heritage required me to work on this. My liver approved reluctantly.

I highly recommend every freelancer, strike that, any designer/agency/whomever, gets an alcohol client. No need to go full on ATF. Just alcohol. Why? Pretty simple really. A. Designing is more fun with a slight buzz. B. Sometimes it requires hours and hours of “research” for those perfect photoshoot-ready cocktails. C. When your “research” subject gets low, you simply dial up for more to arrive at the door. Then of course you need some for the photoshoot, the stylists, the mixologist to experiment with, and any other friend within texting distance. All in all alcohol clients are fun. Generally. When they ditch their archaic marketing principals. This particular set of deliverables was a handout drink menu filled to the brim with enticing limoncello cocktails, and a quick website. The website, what is there to say besides it is a fabulously dated flash driven piece. 100% guaranteed to not work on your iPhone. Amazingly, it’s still active at


  • URL :
  • Client : Talbert Communications
  • Date : 05/01/2008
  • Agency : A Basic Studio
  • Designer/Developer : Giacomo Ciminello

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