Knowledge Books

Seeing the fruits of our labor. One textbook at a time.

A designer needs to be excellent at communicating. It’s quite literally our job. Specifically, solving problems for people, and explaining how we got to the answer, why that’s the answer, and what we are going to do about it. When I started working at Kaleidoscope (Kascope), they were really good at coming up with answers, but not so much on explaining the rationale behind them. To develop the teams more, I began requiring them to try to explain their findings in weekly presentations, to a six year old.

Since these projects last months, and sometimes years, with different people needing to be onboarded at different points, I started to collect all these presentations and findings into books. As the projects continued and the narratives grew, team members started to get better at not only self management, but visualizing their ideas.

Unfortunately, I can’t show much of contents of these books for sometime as the projects are actually still ongoing, but if you find yourself as a new member of the team, I highly ask that you stop by our library and get acquainted. While making these is a tedious process, no one could deny their immediate resourcefulness in explaining complex information quickly and easily.


  • Client : Kaleidoscope
  • Date : 05/01/2011
  • Design Directors : Chris Hammond, Chris Collins
  • Associate CD : Giacomo Ciminello
  • Researchers : Giacomo Ciminello, Aaron Swick, Kelly Bailey, Jerad Raines, Thomas Meyer