Kaleidoscope Office

There should be a place and the space for all pop.

Designers are a flighty breed. When we get put into cages, we prefer they be more open, full of color and room to both kick back with our feet up while also modular so that we can make it our own. When it came to redesigning the Kascope space, we knew it needed to be extrememly multifunctional, so as to fit the prototyping shop, project rooms, conference rooms and immersion spaces. Not to mention that the “workspace alley” needed to fit in roughly 30 employees with varying backgrounds.

The result is a space fitting of the name Kaleidoscope with spaces popping with color and personality. Each room, named after a Cincinnati hill, serves as a specific escape for whatever task is needed. The project rooms are simple, and covered floor to ceiling with whiteboards. The immersion space can be sectioned off into multiple rooms, or small breakout spaces. The conference rooms are made for comfort and conversation. A lounge and kitchen allow for relaxing escapes to engage with coworkers in a more collaborative way.

Basically, it looks like a design firm now, rather than playing one on tv.

Launched: 2013
Agency: Kaleidoscope
Design Directors: Chris Collins
Associate CD: Giacomo Ciminello
Designers: Jerad Raines, Karl Van Der Beek, Vera Soper, Jesse Deegan


  • Client : Kaleidoscope
  • Date : 06/01/2013
  • Design Director : Chris Collins
  • Associate CD : Giacomo Ciminello
  • Designers : Jerad Raines, Karl Van Der Beek, Vera Soper, Jesse Deegan