Jay’s Helmet

I may not be the fastest man alive, but I am most certainly the happiest.

Everyone has their heroes. Someone you undoubtedly looked up to. Imagined what it would be like to run along side them, if only for a moment. Mine was Jay Garrick. Yes. I realize he’s imaginary. But not to me. I was an only child. My mom sparked my desire for reading through comics. She recognized early that I was a visual learner I guess. While Barry Allen was whose stories I read day in and day out on repeat, it was the Earth 2 speedster that captured my attention. Maybe it was his age, or his smarts, or chivalry-ness. He helped me escape during my childhood, and they are moments I will forever treasure.Oft times as a creative I get blocked. It happens. Thoughts fly around faster than lighting in the speed force that surrounds us. Sometimes you have to be just as fast to grab them. So I sought out a project that I could really have fun with, and end up with something priceless. To me anyways. Jay’s helmet started out 5 years ago, as a rusted out mark 1914 british “doughboy” that I purchased for $19 on ebay. Today, it sits, finally complete in all it’s chromed out glory sparking my mind with childlike adventures.


  • Date : 01/05/2015
  • Restoration : Giacomo Ciminello
  • 3D Modeling : Pete Middleton