Vitamin-C. I miss that girl.

The great thing about the early years of the web, was that you were litterally figuring it out as you went along. With no precedents set, why not try to make a claymation style online game? Flash was for us, very much just a fun little experimentation tool, where we tried to create these small experiments. This one in particular won some awards, it’s funny to look back, your first thought is probably, “Really?” but yes, really. There actually was a time where online interactions and animations were, well, not particularly complex, and video was a pipe dream.

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Launched: 2000
Agency: lucidCircus
Creative Director: Jon Butko
Interactive Director: Giacomo Ciminello
Designer: Paul Thiel
Developer: Sean Jordan


  • URL : www.abasicstudio.com/sites/hersheys/
  • Client : Hershey's
  • Date : 05/01/2000
  • Agency : lucidCircus
  • Creative Director : Jon Butko
  • Interactive Director : Giacomo Ciminello
  • Designer : Paul Thiel
  • Developer : Sean Jordan

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