Work + Play = Innovation. Give or take a variable.

Gamestorming is not a new concept, but this idea of creating groundbreaking innovations on the spot seems to be. People seem to think that all you have to do is throw more heads at the problem or more money and it will magically resolve itself. That, however, is not the case. When working in groups, a lot of “walls” can prevent conversations form moving forward. Make no mistake, group think is work, physical, brain-swelling work. To overcome walls, and to keep conversations flowing, various games can be played to keep that spark alive. Now, there are plenty of these out there. There are countless books and web sites on the topic, all of which I would highly recommend. Often times though, you might find yourself in need of something a bit more custom made.

A good chunk of my work in the design consultancy space revolves around identifying methods that help either get to the root of the problem, or help teams find workarounds for one. As someone who takes play seriously, it can often be a challenge to get others to do the same. A lot gets in the way from egos to, well, egos. Using games effectively puts everyone on the same level, and creates a much more effective environment from which to create, learn and explore.

Look at it this way, when was the last time you had a moment of brilliance, was it while you were focusing hard at a piece of paper with pencil in hand? Or was it while you were out, shooting pool and drinking a beer with friends? I’d bet money on the latter.


  • Client : Various
  • Date : 06/02/2014