Davin 2008

When the spinning stops

My final year working on Davin was an interesting one. 2008 had changes all around. No longer were they a client of 160, no longer was I employed by 160 either. Instead, I was freelancing about when a call came in asking for some quick development work. And quick it was. The last web site Davin would ever have, came at my hands. Seemed fitting enough. Some fresh photography and my first xml driven interface made for a nice silent finish to a brand that I had seen through so much. Oh the stories…

Regardless, Davin has since been purchased and absorbed into much larger, much more successful brands, and the site is no longer active. You can, however, probably still pick up some sweet, slightly used Davin’s on eBay. Good luck getting the right fitment.


  • URL : http://www.abasicstudio.com/cli3nts/davin/2008/
  • Client : Davin Wheels
  • Date : 07/01/2008
  • Agency : Johnston Duffy
  • Creative Director : Martin Duffy
  • Designer/Developer : Giacomo Ciminello

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