Boardwalk Series Skatedecks

Philly Artists take out creative retribution on some fine Canadian wood. Heheh wood.

When renovating The Boardwalk, Surf Shop back in 2005, I came across a stack of some fine blanks. Seeing as I have a vast amount of talented friends, I asked if they would enjoy painting all over them. They said sure, I handed over the boards, and some fine art was made. I even did a series of 3 boards myself, but those were quickly entered into an ESPN charity event, and never seen again. Never even got a picture. So if you happen to have 3 white boards with watercolor on them entitled “Charlie’s Angels” would you mind taking a few pics? Muchos gracias, mi amigo.


  • Client : The Boardwalk
  • Date : 07/01/2005
  • Artists : Clint Woodside, Greg Ash, Matt Bednarik, Adam Flannigan, Ryan Blain, Stephen Penning