Big Chalkers

Bringing color to the gray.

Small hands like things that fit right in there, and can move at great speeds creating whatever is flowing though our tiny little brains. It brings us joy to be able to visually display the images inside of our head. Think about it. A child often has trouble communicating their feelings and emotions. Happiness, fear, sadness, all come out on paper with a crayon is in hand. So if we proportionally scale a crayon from a childs hands to an adults, which is a very complex formula that requires some processing power from Deep Blue, maybe just maybe we can get adults to express themselves once more.Learn more about the project at



  • Client : PlayPhilly™
  • Date : 04/08/2011
  • Project Chair : Beth Van Why
  • Designers/Fabricators : Giacomo Ciminello, Kristin Freese