Baby’s First Brainstorm

Piecing together moments of when it was much, much easier.

Everything, and everyone is meant to be screwed with. How do you know if you are alive if you can’t feel something by looking, touching, seeing, feeling? As far as experiencing something goes, it’s all about the details. Tons of money had been spent renovating 160over90’s space. The lobby, however, was a cold desolate morgue of a room. Upon aquiring a budget, small improvement went a long way. Florescents were ditched for warmer chandoliers, spot lights drew attention to posters of the agencies work, and a large scroll welcomed guests. But why stop there? The aforementioned chandoliers weren’t incredibly appealing, but they offered up a valuable playground. After a few quick prototypes, an interesting idea emerged to further engage the passerby, awaiting the next elevator.

Upon the floor were some of 160’s finest employees “first words”. As the viewer stands over them, shattered pieces of a photo begin to come together to reveal who those words belong too. All the while you are immersed in a subtle lullaby ballad of rocks finest tunes.


  • Client : 160over90
  • Date : 04/28/2007
  • Designer : Giacomo Ciminello
  • Intern : Lucy Price
  • Soundtrack : Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of Metallica