AND1: The Site

Surely 75% of the NBA can't be wrong.

While Nike is known for it’s quality player sponsorships, AND1 certainly had the quantity covered. This was one of the many facts that we tried to visualize in launching AND1’s web presence. With such a massive grassroots following, AND1 already had incredible street credit. With incredible high school, and college support garnered through the Mixtape Tour, it was imperative that the web site reconnect with their fans. Since this site launched well before social media connected everyone and their mother, the AND1 Mixtape Tour had its very own content author tagging along taking photos, making videos and writing about each tour stop.


  • URL :
  • Client : And1
  • Date : 01/01/2006
  • Agency : 160over90
  • Creative Director : Darryl Cilli
  • Associate CD : Jim Walls
  • Designer : Giacomo Ciminello
  • Copywriter : Brendan Quinn, Cory McCall